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Historic ranching community meets modern-day utopia for the sustainable generation.

Welcome to Carbondale

Historic ranching community meets modern-day utopia for the sustainable generation. Carbondale is fiercely independent, proud of its creative arts, locally owned businesses, and commitment to healthy lifestyle. Outdoor sports such as hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and skiing in nearby Aspen are paramount components of its residents’ lifestyle.

The Neighbors

Ranchers, local proprietors, athletes and families living in accord.
Carbondale is the town for community-minded locals who believe in healthy living and saying hello to neighbors on the street.

What to Expect

A strong creative identity, established by the town’s early settlers in the late 19th century.
Carbondale's vibe is laid back and casual. The town culture supports a host of local, homegrown business where everyone knows and supports each other. No big box stores here, mom and pops offering their unique brand of Colorado Mountain products and services. Bikes are the preferred method of transport and Prince Creek offers some of the best singletrack riding in the valley.

The Lifestyle

Outdoor pursuits, horseback riding, music, and plentiful culinary delights.
In Carbondale you'll find locally owned retailers of every variety: boutiques featuring international antiques, art and photography galleries, organic juiceries, tea houses, and yoga studios. The streets tend to be quiet by midnight, as people are typically busy preparing for the next morning’s outdoor adventure.

Unexpected Appeal

Yogis and artists seamlessly coexist with world-class athletes.
Carbondale welcomes all, as long as you bring something to contribute to the community table.

The Market

An eclectic array of options, suited to a variety of home-seekers.
In Carbondale, there is open space to let the eye wander, but a small inventory of single family homes near historic downtown. Most residential units are family homes and apartments. River Valley Ranch is town’s largest planned community with a cross-section of offerings including golf, fishing and a neighborhood clubhouse.

You'll Fall In Love With

First Fridays, Mountain Fair, and an uncompromising sense of community.
Carbondale’s historic Main Street harkens back to the turn-of-the-century with old saloons on the corners and pastures with local cattle grazing nearby. But the real world is never far away, with film festivals, theater productions, Third Street Center delivering innovation and ideas to this small town lifestyle.

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