Wanted: Affordable Real Estate in the Aspen School District


Many families from across the nation are exploring Aspen real estate so that their children can participate in the district’s award-winning public schools. There is typically very little inventory and it usually moves quickly. As your economics professor explained, the free market rules of supply and demand reign when a typical family looks for affordable* real estate in Aspen, Colorado.

We believe knowledge is power and staying in tune with the inventory will help you move with confidence when the right opportunity comes your way. To stay current, we have developed an email notification program to alert you when affordable lots, duplexes and single family homes come on the market. These updates will also inform you of price reductions and the negotiability (listing discount) averages, so you can know how much off an asking price is typical quarter to quarter or even year to year.

We also strongly suggest that you register with the Pitkin County Housing authority to participate in their lottery program. Those homes are not in the MLS or represented by the real estate community, but can often be the right solution for a family.

We look forward to working with you.

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*We acknowledge that the word “affordable” when used with the phrase “real estate in Aspen” is a misnomer. Every family has a different definition of affordable. In this case we are defining the term to mean the lower end of the market. The Aspen School District is an incredible asset to families fortunate enough to participate. If this is your goal, we are committed to helping by keeping you abreast of every lower end option that comes available. We are very familiar with the market as well as the school. Please don’t hesitate to call us to explore the definition as defined by you.

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