Truth in Advertising

In order to obtain a real estate license in Colorado, a potential broker must successfully complete 165 hours of education in order to take the exam. The exam is quite rigorous and passing on the first try is no small feat.
One of the areas of study covers truth in advertising and stresses factual statements and taking care of word choice as to not be misleading or discriminatory.
As a result, I tend to read real estate ads with a skeptical eye and often find humor in my desire to re-write the ad so that is completely honest.
For example:

  • Warm cozy space
  • Open floor plan
  • Great light
  • Re-worked electrical
  • Flexible spaces
  • Development opportunity
  • Steps from the gondola
How about truth:

  • A real dump
  • Can’t give it away
  • You will want the view because the inside is so ugly
  • Fire trap
  • No privacy
  • Warm up the bulldozer
  • Call a Taxi

I understand marketing. I value honesty. Let’s use them both.

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