Top Dog MD Launches New Business


Have you ever heard of a dog suffering from pulmonary hypertension? Me neither until I spoke with my friend and Aspen Veterinarian, Bisque Jackson.

Bisque is a long-time local and small animal vet extraordinaire. We were speaking recently as Bisque has departed from her Aspen animal hospital to start a concierge approach to pet health. She felt that corporate consolidation that is happening in the veterinary world was keeping her from offering the brand of personal care and attention she prefers.

Bisque will be offering a personal approach to pet care, both emergency care as well as health and wellness. In her new role, she will partner with Willits Veterinary Hospital and make house calls to clients on retainer.

My dog Cooper and I offer Bisque our wholehearted recommendation as she is caring, personable and skilled. We wanted you to hear the great news from us first.

And yes, she diagnosed a client’s dog with pulmonary hypertension which is stress on the heart related to a significant change in altitude (often seen within 3 days after air travel from sea level to Aspen). After spending 3 days with them, both the dog and the client are doing well.

Bisque Jackson VMD

Concierge Appointments, (C) (970) 948-9380

Willits Vet Hospital Appointments, (W) (970) 510-5436

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