The Home Inspection Process


So you have your dream home under contract. Congratulations!

This next phase is a critical part of the buying process. Do you know what you are buying?

Most brokers will recommend an inspection. But what are you inspecting and why? What are you really looking for?

With a background in property management for ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals, I have the luxury (pardon the pun) of knowing how high-end properties function and what to look for in terms of maintenance, construction and system operation. The pitfall of some inspections is that they take a surface look and skim over potentially significant concerns. I often see the statement “the operation of this system is beyond the scope of this inspection” in high-end home inspection reports. That is a red flag to watch for because these are the exact systems we want to make sure are working properly. These items tend to be big ticket items (ie. think heating, a/c, audio visual, etc).

Make sure your broker is engaging the right team to inspect your potential home. It will be well worth the time and expense to have the peace of mind knowing what you are buying before you get to the closing table.

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