The Devil is in the Details


I am previewing a house listed for $15mm on behalf of a client as I want to know what I am representing before we walk in the house. The listing broker shows me all the cool and special (and obvious) things in the house. That’s his job and I want to know those things as well.

But, as a buyer’s representative, I want to see the things most people don’t see. Honestly, buyers might not see them, but I do. I see this as part of my job. I look at details. Why? Because in my mind, the seller of a $15mm home has a significant asset that he/she is trying to convert to cash. The level of care and maintenance of a home like this speaks volumes about the seller’s mindset and sense of value.

I look for cobwebs around the exterior. Does the flagstone patio have cracks in the mortar? I expect the house to be clean but what about in places no one (but me) looks? Are the HVAC vents clean or dusty? Look behind the washer dryer. One of my favorites is the mechanical room or a crawl space. The high-end property owners I have worked for in my 25 years in Aspen care about things like this. They take pride in their home and expect even the crawlspace to be tidy. They spend money on details, even if no one sees them.

I consider a preventative maintenance program an insurance policy that also speaks to the resale value of a home. Owners that think proactively about care and maintenance of their home understand the value of service plans. Specifically, I like to know the mechanical systems, water filtration systems, fire suppression and even stone surfaces have been consistently evaluated and maintained. In fact, the combination of a tough climate and homes that are not used on a regular basis points to the value of regular maintenance.

These are the people I would buy a home from. If I had a spare $15mm.

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