Swiss Bob(bing) – A sledding experience like no other


Part of the allure of winter in Aspen is the wide range of outdoor activities other than skiing. In today’s extreme sports culture, there is no better adrenaline experience than a full moon Swiss Bob. Nighttime Swiss Bobbing is an underground culture that locals have cultivated into part workout, part thrill seeking.

A Swiss Bob is a cafeteria tray sized plastic missile used to “ride” downhill in the winter. They are available at The Ute Mountaineer in downtown Aspen.

With Swiss Bob (or the Merikan Missile) in hand, dress as you would for skiing complete with goggles and helmet and head to the Buttermilk Ski Area*. For those wishing for a slightly less intense experience, try Smuggler Mine Road as the starter hill. From the base of Tiehack, walk uphill until you can take no more. The macho Adrenaline Junkie will, of course, go to the top (about an hour and a half). Apply helmet and goggle and sit on your Bob.

The suggested technique is to lightly rest your feet on the snow in front of you and pull up on the handle opposite the way you want to steer. From there, it is all gravity fueled. To stop, pull back on both handles. This is the most fun you have ever had while being scared out of your wits. Going with a group, while less romantic, makes it that much more fun. The post Bob hot tub is a requirement for the frozen fingers and toes.

Check the full moon schedule for Aspen here. Ideal conditions are the full moon and a day before or after.

Find yourself with no date and no friends? Take your dog. Your best friend will have as much fun as you do.

Dinner? Home Team BBQ at the base of Buttermilk Ski Area. Because you will want to show everyone what you just did while being hungry enough to eat a half a cow.

*Full Disclosure: only allowed after the ski area closes and you might want to wear a headlamp, find the recently groomed run and avoid the snowcats.

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