Revival of the Popcorn Wagon


Jump on the bandwagon because the iconic Aspen Popcorn Wagon is back…for now. After shutting down last off season presumably for good, a new operator has stepped in to the 63 square feet of kitchen to continue the legacy of late-night dining.

They are now offering a versatile range of menu items including burgers, sandwiches and soups. I have to think the “Ryno Burger with the Hand-Cut Truffle Fries” will take care of business. I recommend upgrading to the optional glazed donut bun for the full experience. While I am sure everything is great, I throw caution to the wind and order the fried oreos. Maybe not healthy, but finger-licking good! Eating with your super healthy significant other? Send her/him to Jus Aspen for a Chilly Willy and get your grub on here.

While late night is their money maker, they are open all day. Sample this winter because I am told the complex currently housing Grey Lady, the former Jimmy’s Bodega and the Popcorn Wagon will be wiped clean for new development come spring.

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