Officer 103 | Aspen Police Department


One of the things I love about small town living is knowing people from all walks of life. I consider it a privilege to have a friendship with the Assistant Chief of Police, Bill Linn. 103 as I like to call him (his badge number) is a perfect fit as part Administrator, part patrolman and just all around nice guy. Billy started his Aspen career as a reporter for one of Aspen’s local newspapers so he also gets to manage the police Facebook page.

Recently I asked Billy his thoughts on public safety in Aspen, as in, what should people be aware of in Aspen? His immediate response:

  1. Don’t get complacent just because Aspen is generally safe. Translation: don’t leave your keys in your car! Lock your house! Lock your stuff. While our crime rate is very low, we still have the occasional crime. Even the most basic deterrent will make a difference.

  2. Nothing good happens after midnight. Almost all altercations happen after midnight and involve drugs or alcohol or both.

  3. Smoking pot in any public area is against the law. There is a common perception that pot is legal and you can consume it anywhere you want. Not true. Consume in a public place, risk going to jail or getting a fine.

  4. Remember pedestrians have the right of way, even if they don’t look before crossing or happen to be taking a selfie in the middle of Galena Street. For most visitors, our traffic is the least amount of cars they have ever seen. Resist the urge. You know what I mean. 

There you have it. The key to safe, happy living in Aspen, Colorado for locals and visitors alike. Now, go outside and enjoy.

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