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Keeping current with the latest (significant) happenings in Aspen, my friend Coley Cassidy has joined the privately owned wealth advisory firm Tiedemann Advisors and opened their new office in Aspen’s downtown core. The firm specializes in UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) and champions “impact investing”. Through Coley’s lens, the advantage Tiedemann brings is their customized approach to family wealth planning that takes into consideration philanthropic desires while not being dictated by prescribed corporate returns.

Coley is a rare born and raised Aspen local and his wife Annie is as well. He blends investment sophistication, perspective and client service with a small town resort persona. He will feel like a long time friend in the course of 10 minutes.The other obvious benefit? Meet and discuss your management plans while enjoying family time or vacation in Aspen. Great combo.

Tiedemann Advisors’ Aspen office is located at 520 E. Hyman Avenue, Suite 2A in Aspen, and Coley can be reached at (970) 315-4222.

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