Luxury Home Maintenance in Aspen, Colorado


As a broker, part of my job evaluating a home and it’s market value can be determined by looking closely at some basic maintenance items.

As luxury homes tend to have finishes and details that set them apart from typical homes, the process of taking care of those items becomes a critical indicator of value.

Has exterior flagstone been sealed every few years to prevent water penetration?

Have interior stone surfaces been sealed to prevent stains?

Have the exterior siding and wood surfaces been protected from drying out?

Take a look at the mechanical room and related systems. Do things look maintained? Are there signs of leaks, drips or things out of place? A well kept mechanical room generally suggests that the systems have been maintained.

Look out of a window into a section of roof gutters. Are they clean or full of debris?

Inspect behind the washer and dryer. Someone who takes the time to pull them out and clean is someone that takes great care of their house.

The gift of observation can be a powerful tool in buying a luxury home. Make sure you get what you pay for.

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