Just add water…

This July, my family has once again joined World Vision in Aspen to raise awareness and money for those living in extreme poverty.

The event is called Brake the Cycle, as in the cycle of poverty, and specifically focuses on communities in rural Zambia that lack a source of clean water. The basic provision of clean water makes an incredible multi-generational difference in a community. A shocking number of people rely on water from stagnant pools of standing water resulting in chronic disease and malnutrition. As you might guess, the effects of disease are far reaching. A $15,000 well changes life and we have been able to witness the transformation first hand.

A bicycle also becomes a life changer for Zambians. Through Brake the Cycle, we have had the eye opening privilege of seeing how a bicycle can give a family an economic boost by getting product to a larger market or getting a child to school. Bikes also allow healthcare workers get to patients that might otherwise be too far away for help. To think a bike that we ride for pleasure and sport can change a life.

This year’s event was held July 13 with a 100k bike ride on Aspen’s most scenic and demanding roads. The day culminates with a celebration dinner complete with inspiration stories of life change. Our goal this year is $350,000 for clean water and bicycles. We are well on our way with $300,000 raised to date. Will you join? Photography credit: Craig Hoffman Photography

Photography credit: Craig Hoffman Photography

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