It’s Electrifying – Aspen Downtowner


The City of Aspen has funded a new startup company offering free rides around the downtown core in an effort to reduce vehicle use and ultimately free up parking spaces.

Downtowner is a private company using an app similar to Uber to offer quick, free rides within a limited area. Aspen is their fourth location and hopes are they will be a permanent fixture in town.

By downloading their app and creating an account, users can request a ride to a specific location and are updated on the expected arrival time. All rides are free with suggested driver gratuity. My first use found it to be quick, easy to navigate and quite convenient.

The City of Aspen sponsors the entire fleet of vehicles to hoping to ensure a great mobility option for visitors and residents alike. According to Mitch Osur, City of Aspen Parking Director, “We’re seeing increased turnover in the core and there are empty spaces in the core on a regular basis. It’s working exactly as planned. These are cars off the road.”

Service runs from 11am to 11pm in the summer season. Download the Downtowner app in the Apple app store.


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