Confessions of a Motorhead


All right, I am officially admitting that I am a motorhead. You know, one of those people that loves cars, trucks and anything with a motor. Unfortunately, this is typically also associated with being a Redneck, which I am not. I just claim the motor addiction.

Like many boys, at a young age I loved cars. I think it is a genetic connection given to me by my Dad. Growing up, we always had more cars than drivers and that is a dead giveaway. In high school, we had six cars and three drivers. Ironically, my Dad was fond of telling me “you can only drive one at a time”. That tidbit of wisdom did not stop us from buying more cars than we needed. 65 Mustang, 56 Packard, 72 VW bus and so on.

I can not cast dispersion on my Dad as in my adult life I have owned enough vehicles to outfit a local taxi company. My portfolio has included a monster jeep, a 450 horsepower Jeep SRT8, approximately 15 pickup trucks and 2 Astro Vans that I am not proud of owning.

This confession leads me to my point; I am now a Tesla owner. Tesla owners are only slightly less annoying than Crossfitters as that is all we talk about. Imagine a Tesla owner that goes to Crossfit (me). As an introvert it does not bother me when people avoid me.

So Mr. Motorhead (also formerly known as the guy who used as much fuel as possible before someone else could use my share) is embarking on a long road trip in the Tesla. I confess charging anxiety. What happens if we can not reach the next Supercharger? The added fact that our inaugural road trip is to Texas adds more anxiety as most folks in Texas make a living off of crude oil. Doubt any friendly locals are going to stop to help a stranded electric motorist. I may put a Motorhead sticker on my car in an effort to show I have nothing against fossil fuels.

Stay tuned for an update on our experience. Do Superchargers have wifi?

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