Compass Culture

The residential real estate business is very interesting when you pull back the curtain and look behind the scenes. To the general public,  the only thing that differentiates real estate firms is a different logo on a yard sign or an advertising campaign. To those of us in the industry, we get to see how the sausage is made and what is behind the glossy company image.

In a word, culture. As with any company, the culture sets a tone that attracts (or not) people to join. In my case, the Compass culture is what brought me to the company as I found it to be refreshingly different. Real estate brokers as a general rule compete against every other broker for business. That includes brokers in your own office. This tends to breed an environment of distrust or lack of collaboration in fear of getting business “stolen”.

My experience at Compass has been refreshingly different. There is a healthy sense of team and a “we are all in this together” attitude. As a former business owner, I thrive in this type of environment as I believe people want to succeed together. I find we are more successful when we share resources and ideas as we collaborate. I enjoy opportunities to encourage and support other brokers, especially those that are fairly new and looking to build their book of business.

As a testament to Compass valuing collaboration, they have created the Compass Culture Carrier award to recognize those who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of teamwork. I am thankful to be this year’s recipient of this award as it reinforces some of the things I value most. I hope that through my work, I can positively impact others and help them towards success.

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