Can’t find your dream home in Aspen. Now what?


With an active market goes a limited amount of inventory. Good product that is priced right sells quickly in our market. Sometimes great product priced ridiculously sells quickly.

Given this state of our market, what is a wise strategy for those looking for the perfect home?

Simple, find yourself a talented architect with vision and look at homes that are dated and in need of a freshen up. According to Aspen architect John Galambos, people are often intimidated by the prospect of a remodel or polishing up a tired home. In his mind, don’t be. With cosmetic touches and a thoughtful approach to scope and scale, John believes a home can be bought at a great price and transformed into your dream space without breaking the bank.

Using light wall colors, dark contrasting trim and a move to modern cabinetry and finishes can completely change the look of a home. Put your money where you get the most bang for the buck like the kitchen, great room and master bedroom. Leave downstairs spaces and extra bedrooms alone. By making decisions before starting the project, John believes you can stay on budget, get the final product you want and have your perfect Aspen home. By the way, you might also end up with a great investment.

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