Aspen Winter Activities

Some days, skiing does not seem fun. Maybe the cold, the heavy legs, the hangover or the snow conditions. There are a few interesting options that are not known by the masses.

  • Fat Biking – Rent a bike made specifically for riding in the snow. They look like a mountain bike on steroids and they are a hoot to ride (if the conditions are right). Ride toward the Maroon Bells, the Rio Grande trail or the new fat bike trail at the Aspen Golf Course. If you are hearty, ride up Smuggler and rip down the backside via the Hunter Creek Trail. Nothing like it.
  • Swiss Bob(ing) – A sledding experience like no other. Take a moonlight hike up Buttermilk or Smuggler and bomb down on these plastic missiles. Invite your friends because no one will understand your story unless they are there. Once you learn to steer it’s bombs away. Dress warm.
  • Uller Nights at Snowmass – A milder version of #1 & 2 and better for kids. Might be a little crowded.
  • Snowshoeing – You can actually hire someone to teach you to snowshoe (which is like walking with big shoes) or you can rent them and DYI. Lots of great route option from flat to straight up. Try backside of Aspen Mountain, Tom Blake Trail or Independence Pass.
  • If all else fails, enter a Tri-Bathalon at the Aspen Club (sauna, steam, hot tub)