Let’s Eat!

I know many if not most Aspen second homeowners never use their kitchens.  I have one client that has owned a home with a gourmet kitchen for 17 years and the range is un-used.

We all know the best restaurants in Aspen; the stand by list that offers quality and consistency year in and year out.  You certainly don’t need another real estate broker telling you to go to Matsuhisa or Cache Cache. There are a few lesser known places that I think are worth a try.

  • HOPS CULTURE on the Hyman Ave Mall offers a broad range of beers and an interesting casual menu.  The environment is clean and casual, the service typically very attentive.  It is a family option that won’t break the bank.  The donuts are a do not miss dessert.
  • THE J BAR at the Hotel Jerome offers what I think is the best burger in town.  The 7X beef is amazing, the staff is thoughtful and well trained.  You will feel like a local.
  • JUSTICE SNOW’S is an excellent option that does not typically come to mind as a breakfast option.  A nice range of entrees and morning beverages; perfect combo.
  • ASPEN COOKING SCHOOL has been revived by Rob Ittner of Rustique fame.  A novel way to eat and drink while learning and being entertained.  Groups from 2 to 25; definitely worth checking out.
  • ANNETTE’S MOUNTAIN BAKE SHOP on the Hyman Ave Mall is a wonderful spot for a homemade pastry or a sandwich.  Ask for the special of the day.  Cronuts on Fridays til they are gone!
  • Late night; while not my area of expertise, I am told the Popcorn Wagon is THE place and only place for late night.  Do the donuts.