The Aspen Lifestyle

Aspen is an exceptional place to call home.  With the reputation of a glamorous ski town, many people are surprised to find a tight knit community with an abundance of families and an amazing variety of activities, arts, non-profits and gathering places.

Take a look at some of the things that I think make Aspen a world-class community instead of just another resort town.

What You Don’t Know Is…

Insider’s Opinions on the Greatest Things About Aspen and Snowmass

Raifie Bass

“…That cronuts are available only on Thursday mornings and only at Louis Swiss Pastry at the Airport Business Center. They sell out, so you better get there early.”

Kristin Balko

“…The workout is the workout yet the connection to the beauty of our valley is so accessible. Hiking, biking, rafting…change up your routine and you will discover your favorite renewal spots are located everywhere. It is what makes this place so special.”

Danny Becker

“…It’s best to go on a road-ride after 5pm because there’s less traffic.”

Betsy Black

“…That you DON’T need air conditioning. It gets down to the 30s at night here. Open the windows.”